How LeeAnne’s Creations has evolved into a Passionate Business

Coming from a long line of Tailors in the early 1900’s, I am so very Thankful that the apple did not fall far from the tree.  I started sewing at the age of 3.  My Mother would have me sit on the treadle of my Grandmother’s Treadle machine and she would say, “rock”‘ now stop.  As I “rocked” on the treadle, my hands would be sewing a dolly dress that Mom cut out for me.  When I was between 4 and 5, Mom decided that I was old enough to sit in the chair and sew on the machine.  Unfortunately, my legs were not long enough to touch the pedal, so my Dad placed blocks on it for me to use.  A Textile Engineer was formed!

Learning to sew became a passion, fast and furious!  I had cousins that would send me dresses they had outgrown and I would remake them into “new” clothing for me.  Designing followed shortly after.  No matter where I was in life, I had to be able to sew.  Sewing was a huge stress reliever and I would always wind up with something new for either myself, my husband or my son.

I have been sewing for over 65 years and the passion is still strong!  I sew anything from Christening Gowns to Wedding Gowns and everything in between.  So, when it was time to retire from Corporate America, I naturally took the designing and sewing to another new level by creating my own line of Children’s Clothing.  To me, children’s clothing needs to be affordable (remember I raised a child and clothing costs are sky high) for everyone.  LeeAnne’s Creations does not try to compete with Corporate Stores or clothing made overseas, preferring to keep my clothing created in the USA, so my dollars stay in the USA.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us on our email form.

Here’s to “Keeping your child in stitches”!