Face Mask or Coverings


Our face masks or coverings are designed to keep not only you safe from others, but others safe from you!!  Wear in public and wash when you get it home!  Social distancing with a mask will help!!


The air vent helps with breathing and cooling on hot days. The front has a filter as well as the back of the mask has a filter to prevent droplets from coming through or going out.



Our Face Masks or Coverings are created using the guidelines set forth by the CDC and a test study done by Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, NC.  Created using a thread count of at least 180, and most are over that, we use 2 layers of high quality quilting cotton,  and can sandwich a filter in between.  Our filters are a variety depending on the thread count of the fabric and include, flannel, interfacing, or diapering material!  Our masks now come complete with nose wire and elastic tighteners!

We make Face Masks for ages 2 through Adults!  The CDC does not recommend using them on infants under 2 years of age.  Our Face Masks or Coverings are created in a pet free, smoke free environment.  I have been tested negative for Covid-19.  Fabric designs and colors change on a daily basis, but if you tell us what you like, we will try to find it for you!  We have two options, fitted or pleated and you can add nose wire for an additional charge, per mask.

Here is the test study and the results from Wake Forest Baptist Health:

“Wake Forest Baptist Health says the goal was to find out which type of mask best-removed particles 0.3 – 1.0 microns in diameter.  That happens to be the size of many viruses and bacteria, in comparison to standard surgical masks and N95 respirators.

Testing was done by the Manufacturing Development Center at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, part of Wake Forest Baptist.

The test team discovered that the masks’ effectiveness varied widely. The best homemade masks achieved 79% filtration as compared to surgical masks (62% to 65%) and N95 masks (97%). But other homemade masks tested performed significantly worse, sometimes demonstrating as little as 1% filtration, Segal said.

The best-performing design was made of two layers of high-quality, heavyweight “quilter’s cotton” with a thread count of 180 or more. Those with an especially tight weave and thicker thread were better. A double-layer mask with a simple cotton outer layer and an inner layer of flannel also performed well, he said.

The inferior performers were made of single-layer masks or double-layer designs of lower quality, lightweight cotton.”

Gaiters and knit masks are not known to be effective again any virus unless they have the PM2.5 filter in them.

If you have a specific fabric, please add in “Order Notes” when you check out!

Please stay safe!!


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