Handmade Memory Bear. Commemorative Bear, Graduation Bear


Created from clothing of your loved one, these bears are treasures to hold, love and hug!  Each one is personalized with name, and dates that you want on it.

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Handmade Memory Bears, Honor Bears, Commemorative Bears, Graduation Bears are just a few names associated with “Q-Bear”.  These are created with clothing of a loved one.  Bears are created in memory of, in honor of or commemorating a person or special event in a person’s life.  These bears are meant to be hugged, loved, and squeezed!  They are Handmade Memory Bears, stuffed and 16 inches tall, as well as personalized with name and dates of your choosing.  Each bear is made with a lot of love and carefully packaged to be sent back to you.  An original card is created and attached to each one.

When you purchase one of these bears, not only are you creating a one of a kind keepsake for yourself or your loved one, but you are also donating to a Charity.  I started doing these bears when a very dear friend lost her oldest son, Quinten Blake Young, Thanksgiving in 2018.  While I did not know the young man personally, I do know his parents quite well.    With the help of her sister, I received 7 of Quinten’s tee shirts and immediatel picked one shirt that I felt his Mother needed to have.  That is how “Q-Bear” came to be.

More were created for the rest of the family with positive results.  Pictures have been sent showing the Handmade Memory Bears on vacation with various members of the family.  A small 6 inch bear was made for his Mother to take back packing, hiking or just sit on her desk at work.

Most of the proceeds from the sale of bears will go to a Charity that will be chosen each month by Julie and Aaron Young.  The only cost taken out will be for stablizer and stuffing.

In notes to seller, please give name and dates you want on the feet of the bear.  You can then contact me at [email protected] for the address to ship the clothing to.    Allow 2 weeks from receipt of clothing for shipping back to you.