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LeeAnne Curtis

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Coming from a line of tailors on both sides of my family, sewing came naturally for me. My Mother started me at age 3-4, rocking on the treadle of her Mother’s Singer Treadle Sewing Machine. I would hand stitch doll clothes and rock while she made my clothes up above. To this day, I still need a chair that rocks while I create!! I was started sewing by machine at age 4-5 and it has been a passion every since! Custom clothing, Christening Gowns, Wedding Gowns, Prom Dresses, Tuxedos, I have done it all! At the ripe young age of 70, I am just hitting my stride!! This ability was hand given to me by God and I shall put it to good use. LeeAnne’s Creations is the only Boutique that I know of that will give you up to 50% off your next purchase if you send your gently used clothing back. I, in turn, will send you a coupon good for up to 50% off and will donate the returned item to a Domestic Abuse Center. Domestic Abuse is close to my heart, especially for children, who did not ask for that. Sometimes they get out with only the clothes on their backs and this is one way to make them feel better about themselves.