LeeAnne’s Creations ~ LeeAnne Curtis, Owner

It came as no surprise when I opened up my very first Sewing Studio in Long Beach, CA back in the late 60’s.  You see, I was born into a Generational Family Tree of Tailors and Textile Engineers.  I started creating clothing for my dolls at the age of 3-4 years.  I sat on the treadle of my Grandmother’s sewing machine and rocked back and forth as my Mother sewed my clothes above.  Hence, I now can not sew unless I have a chair that rocks at each of my sewing machines.  When I was 4 1/2, my Dad put wooden blocks on the treadle so my feet would reach and Mom started teaching me to sew on the machine.  I was THRILLED!!  So, I have been sewing, creating, designing and making art forms from fabric for over 70 years!  I have sewed for Movie Stars, Singers, Country Music Shows and everything in between.  I’ve created one of a kind Couture Wedding Dresses, Halloween Costumes and Costumes for Music Shows.  But I have found my passion to be creating Children’s clothing!   I use high quality fabric that will last and have even started getting my files here in the USA as well as having my fabric printed here as well.  Is it more expensive, yes, but I have complete control over the production!  I hope you will trust your next child’s outfit to me and you will find I do high quality, fast turn around and stand behind my product.